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Why You Should Use a Taxi in LA?

Using a taxicab is one of the most common modes of transportation used when traveling in big cities, such as Los Angeles or New York. Taxi use is definitely faster than buses or other similar public transportation services, but it can also be very expensive, especially if you are planning a long trip to the other side of the city.  However, using a taxi can be the only way to get there fast in various parts of the city. A Los Angeles taxi at the airport is always a blessing for someone who has just arrived in L.A.  Here’s why you should use a taxi in LA.

  1. taxis-waiting-just-outside-the-los-angeles-international-airport-lax-BDBRKYLots of companies offering prompt and reliable services. A taxi company’s fleet size is vital for providing reliable & timely taxi service.
  2. Professional Airport Numerous taxi companies provide special services to anyone willing to call them for an airport pickup. This includes certain discounts for loyal customers and translation services for foreigners.
  3. Professional drivers. There is intense competition in LA and you will get only the best drivers to drive you home or anywhere else.  These drivers are typically required to have the following:
  • Must speak clear English
  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Have at least 2 years of driving experience
  • Have a valid CA driver’s license
  • Have less than two moving violations and no DUIs
  • Receive a criminal background check and drug test
  1. Specialized services. Some taxi companies provide specialized services including wheelchair transportation, type III (school) transportation, non-emergency medical transportation, package delivery, corporate account service, airport service, SecureRide, and event support.
  2. Quick response. In LA there is a high demand for taxis and companies that have impressive fleets of vehicles, making sure that they are able to answer to every call. So, you do not have to worry about not finding a taxi when you need it.

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