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Why Choose A Taxi Instead of Uber or Lyft?

Private ridesharing services, like the ones used by Uber or Lyft represent a novelty and many people consider giving a try. After all, using just a single app and calling people to pick you up seems pretty simple and convenient. But there are hidden dangers that you must be aware of it. Some of them may make you consider using a traditional taxi service in Los Angeles.

Using phone apps to call private drivers via Uber or Lyft is like driving into unknown. You are practically buying an unknown, uncertified product.  The criterions for becoming an Uber or Lyft driver are very relaxed and many of us can become such private driver. But the big question is: how safe will you be? What if the driver you call has certain emotional or psychological problems?  Does Uber require detailed psychological tests before letting you become their representative? You can end up with a criminal as your driver and you wouldn’t be aware of this?

And again, what about his driving history? How safe will he drive? Of course, you can check for experience ratings from his former clients, but those clients can easily be his friends who help him boost the score.

Another big problem with ridesharing is insurance.  How good will the driver’s insurance be? This is another wild guess that you should not take. If the driver causes an accident and you were hurt, you may find out that he has not sufficient funds or he does not even have a properly coverage, like PIP, to help you pay for medical costs.

Traditional taxi companies are known for having sufficient coverage and make though scans when hiring new drivers. They are more reliable and safer than any ridesharing service.

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