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Top Taxi Safety Tips

It is normal to feel a bit nervous when entering a vehicle driven by someone you do not know.  Entering a taxi cab means surrendering some control to the driver. This is why you must exercise caution before and after you enter a taxi. Check our list with top taxi safety tips and apply them next time you call for a taxi.  If you are new in Los Angeles and you need a taxi LAX, these tips will be useful.

  1. safety-matters-riding-taxi-tipsAsk for a front desk clerk to help you get a taxi. This is recommended to do when you want to leave from a hotel, casino or club. Front desk clerks know which companies are reliable and it is in their interest to keep the clients away from rogue taxis.
  2. Check the typical price range. If it is possible, you should ask the residents how much does it cost to reach to a certain destination.  If the price given by the taxi driver is around the estimated value,  this will mean less hassle when paying the ride.
  3. Call or book a taxi rather than hailing one. This is another measure to avoid rogue taxis that can charge ridiculous high prices which can lead to other unpleasant thing. Booking a taxi online is very easy.
  4. Ask for the driver to turn the meter on. If the driver refuses to cooperate, you should tell him to stop the car and exit. Just leave the starting price. If the meter isn’t running, you can be charged with whatever sum of money the driver wants.
  5. Check the driver’s credentials. All taxi drivers should display their credentials in an easy to spot place.  If you do not notice any badge or ID, you should not venture with that driver.

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