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Professional Requirements for Becoming A Taxi Driver

Becoming a taxi driver in Los Angeles if far more complicated than you can imagine. L.A. is an intensely circulated area and home of the rich and famous.  Providing the highest quality services is the only way in which a company can survive. This is why companies have though selection procedures when hiring a new driver for their taxi service in Los Angeles. Discover the professional requirements for becoming a taxi driver.

taxi-driver-jobsThe first and foremost requirement is to have a driver license. Each state has different requirements for driver license and in order to be eligible for a taxi driver post, you must have a chauffeur license or a license with passenger endorsement. The employer may also require special courses before considering a job offer.  Furthermore, some local driving schools may offer taxi driving oriented course which include map reading, federal and local driving regulation and basics of customer service.  Regarding formal education, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a high education is common for taxi drivers.  Basic mathematics skills are a must for any drivers, since they will have to handle customer fares.

Good geography knowledge is a must. As a driver you must have a detailed knowledge of your area, including street names, landmarks and one-way systems.

In order to qualify for a driver, a person must not have any type of convictions.  Also, they must not be serving parole. Furthermore, having unpaid tickets will disqualify you for this job. Each taxi company will perform a meticulous background check before hiring any new driver.

Communication skills are really important. We do not say that you have to be a stand-up comedian, but at least you must be nice with your passengers and always be calm.  Los Angeles is a multi-cultural city and knowing 2-3 internationally spoken languages is a big plus.

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