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How To Order A Taxi In Los Angeles

If you need a quick ride through Los Angeles, ordering a taxi seems the logical thing to do. But unlike in other cities in the U.S., taxis are not typically flagged down at the curb. So, before venturing further into finding a Los Angeles taxi, read our guide, It will tell you more about how to order a taxi in Los Angeles.

taxi-zone-taxisFirst of all, you can get a taxi by hiring them from in front of airport terminals, popular restaurants, clubs, bars or in front of large hotels. You will certainly find taxis around clubs and bars on the Sunset Strip. Since LA is a huge city, there are very few companies that cover the entire city and that makes it difficult to connect with a taxi cab sometimes.

Secondly, you should be aware of “bandit cabs.” Taxi cabs without a seal are bandits and you should avoid them. We recommend you to make a list of taxi companies before arriving here. TaxiLAX, Uber, Sidecar and Lyft are the best companies in the area, having gained a really good reputation.

Also, pay attention to pricing.  For example, some companies have fixed prices for the most popular routes. A common taxi ride from LAX to Downtown LA has a fixed price of $46.50 (excluding the customary 15% tip).  Fares are usually calculated based on the destination and time it takes to get there. If the taxi is stuck in traffic, the fare will continue to grow.

LA cab fares are relatively high—even a short ride can cost $20 or more. Taxis currently begin their meters at $2.65, and then add $2.45 per mile.

A city ordinance limits airport fares to a $42 flat fare for trips between LAX and downtown, or a $2.50 surcharge for other destinations from LAX.

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