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How Safe is To Ride A Taxi in L.A.?

Safety is a primary need for everyone willing to ask for a taxi service in Los Angeles. You cannot sit within a taxi cabin if you do not feel comfortable and safe. And since you ride through a top class city, you would expect high quality driving and comfortable services. Well, how safe is to ride a taxi in L.A.? We will immediately answer this question, presenting facts and statistics.

taxi22Los Angeles taxi drivers have been cited more than 10,000 times in the past six years, a investigation has found. In some cases, taxi drivers have been caught drinking on the job, aiding in prostitution and driving without a license.

From 2009 through the first quarter of 2014, Los Angeles taxis were cited for 10,605 violations of the city’s taxi cab handbook. Those citations resulted in 1,051 suspension days and less than $200,000 in driver fines. The citations ranged from jeopardizing passenger safety to violating the city’s strict dress code for taxi cab drivers. But that not’s the only problem. Taxi drivers in L.A. tend to drive at high speeds and sometimes ignore red lights if there’s little traffic and no police car around. And you can find a lot of Middle-Easterners as taxi drivers. Most of them speak English very well, but there are a few who do not speak or understand it well.

In L.A., like in many other cities, we have 2 types of taxis: licensed ones and bandit ones. The licensed ones are safe and you can always tell the driver to slow down or to respect some rules. It is always better to plan your travel in detail and get phone numbers from authorized companies.  And also check the complaint ratio for each company.

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