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How Fast is a Taxi Compared to Other Means of Transport in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Taxi companies have good reasons to stay in business and to expand their activities. Especially when in comes to travel to and from Los Angeles’ main airports, like LAX, and to and from major tourist destinations, such as Hollywood; the demand is high and the alternatives have less to offer. But how much less? After all, there is a public transportation system in this very big and important city, and many people use it everyday. That is why it is necessary to explain how fast getting a taxi is compared to other means of transportation in Los Angeles.

TAXI062013Although Los Angeles has an extensive public transport system, like most American cities, it could do a whole lot better. This is because the extent of bus lines and the metro system has failed to catch up with the city’s large area and population. And you do not have the option of taking the bus or the subway to and from any place you want, so there is significant walking involved. The bus lines do not fare very well on frequency, because while some lines have buses arriving at stations every 10 to 15 minutes, others range between 30 and 90 minutes. And for longer routes through the city and outlying areas, a combination of bus and subway lines would be the only way to get around. However, there is a better option.

With a reliable Los Angeles taxi company, many of these inconveniences are bypassed. Although you cannot simply stop a taxi cab by waving at it like in most other American cities, one phone call will set you up with a taxi ride in a short time. Note that not all taxi companies serve the entire Los Angeles area, but there are plenty of taxi operators and you can rest assured that all areas have taxi coverage. And heavily circulated areas which lead to and from LAX have plenty of taxi cabs and vans serving a constant stream of customers. Of course, Los Angeles is also well known for its heavy traffic, but this is again favorable to taxi services, since a taxi vehicle has flexibility in choosing routes while public transport does not. Also, the taxi driver knows the city very well, while renting a car would make it harder for an outsider to get around, even with GPS.

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